A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Travel through a dangerous fantasy dungeon as Larry the Imp with his massive gargoyle companion Moe. Use your speed and cunning as Larry to evade traps and self-righteous guards, while leading your giant pal Moe to crush all who stand before you. With a little skill and Moe's brute force, freedom is only an imp's tail away. But be careful, Moe's temper has been the folly of many and you just might be next on his list.


Joel Thomas - Creative Director / Lead Programmer

Christian Boyette - Producer / Lead Designer

Jack Banta - Character Artist / Art Director

Matt Young - Lead Environmental Artist

Noah Hunter - Environmental Artist

Alec Paquin - Environmental Artist

Jorge Fuente - Designer

Sean McDonald - Programmer


EOME_Builds.zip 289 MB