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As mankind sits complacent, one table chooses to stand against the chair armada. Bob, a normal everyday dinner table, has chosen to take up arms for now that people have no chairs to sit in they are unable to eat at their tables. To restore the balance of power Bob alone enters into the abyss to fight until death, hoping to bring some state of peace to the humans, and their asses.

General Description

In "Bane of Thrones" chairs have rebelled against humans forcing them to sit upon the ground. Take control of a table and to restore the balance of power by defeating the leaders on the chair rebellion. To do this you must survive for as long as possible in the top down shooter style level that consists of random spawning enemies (visually represented as types of chairs) that you must destroy by shooting coasters at them. As time passes new types of enemies will spawn, additionally they will spawn faster, move faster, and have more health. You can combat this by collecting stars on the scene which will make the fired coasters stronger, faster, or have a higher fire rate. Your score is calculated by the amount of enemies you slay, the type of enemy you slay, and the time which you survive.


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